President Trump (Avid)

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Avid usually means very eager or enthusiastic. … But this adjective can also mean wanting something so much that you can be thought of as greedy. For example, a person can be avid for success or power. Avid is from French avide, from Latin avidus, from avere “to desire, crave.” Definitions of avid.

I’m thankful I looked this word up for its definition.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the word was colour. Avid orange for instance. Boy, how does one make up their own meanings being a writer and lover of words such as myself? Blame it on age, creativity, or downright uninformed.

That springboard energy and enthusiasm the President blusters at seventy years-of-age boggles my mind. His energy and drivenness are qualities of high report, if greed and daily mental breakdowns would somehow subside.

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  1. He is avid for sure, I am a Canadian, but from where I sit and what is happening in the world, he needs to curb his enthusiasm and listen to the experienced advisors, not just his rich cronies who are avid in the pursuit of power and money. Just my humble opinion.

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