Our Little ZiP

This little ball of energy is a marvel to behold. He’s my grandson, Brady. His fourth birthday is a month away.

Brady didn’t need any help to learn to ride his two-wheeler, and he can ice-skate extremely well.

He goes non-stop the entire day. When I babysit, he can barely sit long enough to eat, and then he’s out the door, zipping all over the yard.

For two years or so now, Brady loves to pick up sticks and toss them into the fire ring.

We have a few old dying trees that needed to be cut down this spring. My grandson enjoys coming over and helping us burn the dead branches. They are scattered all over the green grass. He hurries from one twig to another, his eyes beaming with accomplishment as he tosses them into the flames.

Energy is not something he lacks. I only wish I had half the energy this little guy demonstrates.