Winter Is Back


Yep!! Winter is back this April 23rd. 2017.


The birds are chirping as though they don’t mind, and the deer are romping in the back yard. If they can stand it a few more days, I guess I ought not to complain.


The only thing is, we were going to plant onions this week. The Irises are up and poking their noses through all that white stuff. They must think, “Yuck!”


Somewhere in amongst this bush, a possible nest had been going through the mind of a small male bird. Not sure of the specie, but he was definitely considering something taking place there. Perhaps, only a rendezvous spot. Nevertheless, it looks a bit chilly for any meeting to be going on.

I’m hoping this is not here for long. It looks pretty for sure,  but we really have had enough snow to last us until November.  What do you think?

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