Daily Prompt: Roots

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I have a photo of a tree that we had to cut down and uproot last fall. I tried to upload the photo here but it wouldn’t upload. I am thinking it’s because I have the camera set on raw files.

Sorry about that. Learning to use this new camera will be a challenge. I am trying not to use the auto on it.

The tree that was cut down was a Maple.. It stood too close to the front of the house,  and its roots were going to be a problem for the foundation. It was something I hated to do but it was necessary.

The same thing happened to my parents. They planted a tree too close to their house and the roots began to crumble the cement foundation.

Planting trees is so important for our environment. Trees clean the air. I try to plant at least one tree a year. I am fortunate to have property and space to do this. I encourage you to plant a tree where you live if it’s at all possible.

Daily Prompt: Roots


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