A Cold Blanket

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Last evening I was bird watching and attempting to take some photo’s. The robins were not as fidgety as the finches, but it was trying my patience, to say the least. Our feathered friends seemingly do not care to pose for very long periods of time during their photograph sessions. Seconds fly by and if you haven’t pressed the release button, they are impatient and their wings begin to flutter in flight. The photo ends up blurry and has to be deleted.

A white sheet, with large patches of green, showed through the snow covered space. However, this morning a three to four inch blanket of snow covered the entire area.

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. Looking out the window around midnight, I was stunned to see such large snowflakes drifting to the ground. One would have thought it to be the middle of December.


  1. There has been a robin singing for love in the elm tree outside my garage. Yesterday, after a graupel shower and then rain, she/he was holding forth with his/her whole heart. It was lovely.

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