Avon Calling

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When I was but a child, I recall Mrs. Dubois, the Avon lady in our district. She was a sweet, older lady with dark rosy-pink cheeks and like shaded lips. She dressed primly and as elegantly as her budget permitted. She seemed to carry about her an aura of joy in what she was doing.

Her mere entrance caused us to bubble over with excitement. My mother would offer her a seat at the kitchen table where Mrs. Dubois could unpack her satchel of goodies.

Promptly, the kettle got placed on the hot stove burner until it sizzled. Once the tea leaves steeped for a time in the teapot, mother poured the contents into two bone China teacups which sat in saucers. They munched on some freshly baked cookies or cake as they chatted about the latest news.

It was time to browse through the sale booklets. A mingling of perfume fragrances permeated  the kitchen area of our two-storey home as samples were tested on their inside wrists.

Mother would chose one or two items from the Avon catalogue to be delivered the next time the Avon lady came calling. These were good times.




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