Life Back Then

How my Grandma managed to raise six children 18 miles away from any store, post office, or the railway is beyond me. My Grandfather, she believed, was a smart man. When he decided to leave their families in Prague, Czechoslovakia, because of some family disputes, Grandma simply thought the plan was brilliant. Young people love adventure naturally, and so they embarked on the long journey by ship. They wound up in New York, then later in Chicago where Grandpa joined an orchestra.

One day, while perusing a Czech. newspaper, Grandfather came across an amazing article, stating that a parcel of land could be purchased in Manitoba, Canada for just twenty dollars. Grandfather could not be more delighted with his find, so he packed his family aboard a train, and they headed on to Vassar.

Once they reached the Canadian border, Grandfather was quickly put into handcuffs and led off to gaol while his family must have gawked at the R.C.M.P., in wonder as to what was their father’s crime. Knowing his lack of English skills, I can imagine poor Grandfather pacing his gaol cell, wondering what was to become of him and his family.

His plan, raising cows for meat, milk, and cheese, raising sheep for yarn Grandmother could spin out of their sheared wool, and raising chickens for eggs and meat, seemed to drift into a fog-like nightmare.

to be continued

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