Losing All

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This photo was taken with my old camera, a Nikon D 90, a couple of years before my house burned down. I have no words, none really, to express the pain of losing everything. All my quilting, knitting, crocheting, painting, and a completed novel, gone up in smoke, in a manner of minutes. BUT we got out unscathed. For that I am thankful.


This was on my Dropbox and many other photos as well. I wish my novel would have been saved there as well. Fire took place October, 25, 2015. My mother passed away, October 25, 2013.


  1. Fire is terrifying. When a wildfire headed in the direction of my California mountain town (1/4 mile away from my house in all directions, ultimately. If there hadn’t been a hydrant RIGHT IN FRONT I would have lost my house) we had to evacuate. I looked around at all my things and finally just took two small books, my dogs, food, a tent, sleeping bag and dog food. I could not choose what to take and it seemed surviving was the most important thing of all. I’m sorry you lost your novel and your handiwork, but you are here. ❤


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