Two Late Prompts (lifestyle & better)

Two Late Prompts (lifestyle & better)

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I have been busy with weeding and doing some planting in my garden. I’ve transferred some perennials to different locations and have been wrestling with some dandelion roots.

This has been a part of my lifestyle ever since I got married over fifty years ago. I believe my first canning experience was with raspberry fruit. And the first thing I froze in plastic bags or containers was apples.

I remember the taste like it was yesterday. Once I got started, I got better with every season to follow. I have done much even in the last years. I really was a homesteader as far as preserving is concerned. I am so pleased that my two daughters have picked up the bug.

My friends say, “Why do you need such a big garden?”

I think, Why not? I enjoy doing what I do and I am able to eat a much healthier diet.



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  1. Maybe — if the political situation stays the same or worse — I’ll end up growing everything I eat. Gardening is my response to world events…


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