Sister Dear

Follow me here to read my novel! This is a historical read and is in progress due to editing. Hope you enjoy!


Daily Prompt Adrift A couple of my younger grandkids spent the evening at my home and slept over last night. Even though it was misting outdoors, we decided to go for a walk to the little bridge down the road. A light fragrance of fruit blossoms drifted in the air. A hint of flowering lilacs descended upon …

Notorious Photographer

<a href="">Notorious</a> Still swamped with needing to get done projects. These photos were taken on Mother's Day. Tsk. Tsk...Did I hear right? What a beautiful day! That squirrel is around here somewhere! Pardon me! I have a mouthful!

In Collaboration 

<a href="">Collaboration</a> I took some time off yesterday since it was Mother's Day. I spent the afternoon sitting outdoors with my camera in collaboration with my husband, of course, and tried to figure out some settings. Here are a couple photos I took. I'm learning photography without using the auto button. The Blue Jays are …